This is Me

RN (headshot)I could monologue about how I came out the womb with a pen and notepad, how I grew up in the Bay Area and how reading/writing opened my eyes to new worlds and so on and so forth.

But let’s keep it simple.

In journalism school at FAMU, I learned that to get a complete story you start with six basic questions:

Who? Me. An afrofuturist writer, endangered journalist, depressed poet, chronic overthinker and black man just trying to survive in this cold world.

What? I write stories in all forms: screenplays, plays, fiction, nonfiction and a novella.

Where? Everywhere. The Wife and I left the States in 2011 to wander the world indefinitely, living from country to country, hostel to hostel, check to check.

When? The not-too-distant future.

Why? Because I want to see the world of color reflected on the screen and the page. Because I’m delusional enough to believe I can make a difference. Because I don’t want to die without trying. Because I rep for the underrepresented.

How? I Go To Work.

More questions? Hit me up on Twitter or through email.