I Go To Work

A little sneak peek of the portfolio…


Mandeville (Feature): A traumatized black boy, whose brother was killed by a cop, volunteers for an experiment that tests his powers of prediction to prevent future murders.

Harboring (Pilot): In the dystopian bayous of Louisiana, a renegade couple must avoid federal marshals to find a cure for a virus that steals the voices of children.


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There Once Was a Jack in a Box (Monologue): A mad scientist plans to use a time machine to stop a black man from getting shot by a cop.

The Chair (10-Minute Play): A couple’s marriage gets tested when the wife buys a smart chair that satisfies all of her needs.

The Transported Man (Full-Length): Based on the true story of Henry “Box” Brown. To escape to freedom, an enslaved man mails himself from Virginia to Pennsylvania in a box.

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FICTION (Free Reads)

u wont remember dying — Terraform
Blood on Beacon Hill — Apex Magazine
How to Sync Your Spouse — Fireside Fiction

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My Tunes — Boston Globe Magazine
Of Rice and Men — Comstock’s Magazine
Finding hope where there is no cure — The Tallahassee Democrat

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