I write short and full-length plays that dig into race and relationships, usually with some kind of speculative element or surreal twist. Interested in producing any of these works? Drop a line.

Red Letter Day

Set in a Martian colony, a woman must wear a scarlet “A” and face the consequences in a public trial for “abstaining” from her preacher husband.
(10-minute play. 1 F, 3 M)

When Robots Cook Chitlins

A stubborn widower has a hard time fixing a soul food dinner with his new caregiver. (10-minute play. 1 M, 1 Neutral)

Farewell, Flesh!

A young aspiring actress and an older fading star compete for a new skin at a traveling carnival. (10-minute play. 2 F, 1 M)

  • Premiered Oct. 2017 at the Slate Theater in Seattle for Funhouse II.

There Once Was a Jack in a BoxJack1

A mad scientist plans to use a time machine to stop a man from getting shot by a cop. (Monologue.)

Watch Anthony August’s electrifying performance on Facebook.
[Warning: Strong Language]

The Chair

A couple’s marriage gets tested when the wife buys a smart chair that satisfies all of her needs. (10-minute play. 1 M, 1 F)