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The Wordsmith
Saul Stickman is Public Censor, which means it’s his job to “bleep” all bad words off the streets. After 25 years, he’s ready to retire. But on his last day, a little girl gets killed by an N-word. As Stickman searches for the racial slur in a city run by Trolls, he finds himself caught in a conspiracy of silence. And the bold, young P.C. chosen to replace him only adds to his stress. Will Stickman solve this complex word puzzle? Or come undone by the missing pieces shaped like his painful past?


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Not sure if this is your thing? Take the following 10-Second Survey by answering these questions (out loud for best results) with a TRUE or NAH.

Do you like…

  • genre mashups (noir/mystery/sci-fi)?
  • wordplay (a la The Phantom Tollbooth)?
  • literary touches (i.e. dialogue without quotation marks)?
  • taboo topics (racism)?
  • ambiguous endings (????)?

If you said TRUE to at least four questions, you’re on the right page.

Still on the fence? Read the First Five.